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Purpose of the website: This website is a meeting place for people who are dealing with food-contact materials (FCM) like paper and paperboard, coatings, plastics, rubber etc because they are a producer, an user of food-contact materials, with the focus, but not limited to, regulatory affairs. The goal of this website is sharing knowledge, information, useful links and explanation. The website does contain information about packaging, migration testing, FCM, information about legislation of the use FCM, a forum, literature search of publications dealing with FCM and much more.

This site is not a commercial website, nor does this website represent the opinion of any company. Please do read the disclaimer before using information on this website. The webmaster is a scientist working at Keller and Heckman. Therefore, no extensive explanations about FCM or paid work can be accepted. If a complicated question or issue will be submitted anyhow, I will be happy to forward this question as a new inquiry to Keller and Heckman.

Rob Veraart

Online since:   10 January 2006