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Active and Intelligent Materials.


Active Material: Materials and articles intended to extend the shelf life or maintain or improve the conditions of the packaged food Designed to deliberately incorporate components that release or absorb substances from or into the packaged food or its surrounding environment.

Intelligent Material: Materials and articles which monitor the conditions of the packaged food or the surrounding of the food (can be in contact with food or not in contact with food)

Conditions to be met at this moment:

General requirements of the framework regulations that does apply to Active and Intelligent materials:

Article 3

Article 4(1)

Article 4(2)

Article 4(3) No changes in composition or organoleptic characteristics masking the spoilage of food, which misleads the consumer

Article 4(4) Intelligent materials: No information that could mislead the consumer

Article 4(5) Labelling of non-edible parts

Article 4(6) Labelling for active or intelligent materials

Conditions to be met after active & intelligent material regulation has come into force:

Requirements of specific active and intelligent packaging regulation:

Initial regisatration procedure:

Testing to be performed after registration has been rewarded and before EACH application:


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