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EU Guidelines

Guideline Explanation
Active and Intelligent Packaging Guideline on active and intelligent packaging
Analytical methods

Guidelines for performance criteria and validation procedures of analytical methods used in controls of food contact materials

Kitchen tools Guidelines on testing conditions for articles in contact with foodstuffs. (with a focus on kitchenware)
Note for Guidance Provides information regarding information needed for prepare a petition to get an additive or monomer on the positive list of plastics intended for food contact. Document is prepared by the EFSA.
Practical Guide Provides general information regarding food contact materials. Document is prepared by the EU. The document has been made invisible by EU because some parts are out-of-date
Recycled polymers Provides information regarding the preparation of an EU dossier to get a recycling process of plastics intended for food contact to be listed. Document is prepared by the EFSA.
Q&A recycled polymer Answers to comments on recycling plastics guidelines received following public consultation

The following guidelines are mentioned in the EU guidelines on recycled polymers:


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